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H. Gay Allen
Married Thrice

Clay Bodvin
Hybrid Memory #17: On the Maple Valley Fuel Truck

Andrew Cole
Minority Report

Bernd Dreilich
Love You Like Fruit Tree 'n' Tuna

Linka G
Can U C Me
Japanese Korean Fusion
Angel Calls

Slab of Existence
Half Blind SnowBird Winter
The Sky Has Broken
Reaching into the Void
Robbing Hoodies
Snowball Warrior

Debra Kayata
Daffodil Abstract

Des Kilfeather
Relational Akrasia

Jan Kölling
Visual Statement .a
Visual Statement .b

André Maitre
En Ville

David Makin
Red China in Tibet
King Solomon's Mines (Gagool's demise)

Dan McCormack

Nicholas McCumber
Antartica 2 - clues
Antartica 3 - clues
Antartica 4 - clues
Antartica 5 - clues
Happy Haiku 2 - clues
Happy Haiku 5 - clues

Randy Morris
Angeli Urbis
City Lights on Christmas Eve

Umberto Oldani
Violin Still Life

Jill Rowe

Helga Schmitt
The Architect
Portrait in the Fields
Encounter of Alien Kinds

Michael Setter
The Fires of Hilbert Space
Botany in Black and White
Divers Inbreeding
Too Many Colonics
Accommodative Eye Implants
At the Crayola Convention

Richard Symes
A Flirt with Jade
Heaven's Glory

Chris Whittington
Dark Cloud

Marianne Wiedenfeld
H12-2 Konstrukt
H12-6 Konstrukt
H14-4 Composition

Peggi Wolfe (Wolfepaw)
Fractal Rainbow Garden

Aurelia Zack
Plaster Past
Key to Success
Mandy's Wishes

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