Donnie 2023
digital art contest


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Stefan Arteni
The Old Horse Knows the Road
Orpheus 1
Orpheus 2

Andrew Cole
Bully No. 605
For the Player

Bjoern Daempfling

Nan Henke
Back Burn to Contain a Lightening-Strike Grass Fire

Nina Koelman
MPC 019aP
MPC 272
MPC 006iP
MF 077P - Am Strand
MF 023a

Barbara Jean Lloyd
Woman on the Brink of Civilization
In the Night Garden
Birth of an Idea
Give Cheese a Chance
First Class
The Forest at Midnight

Silvia Malagrino
The Enigma of the Mouse

Ben McCarty
Mona Lisa
Raft of Medusa
The Treachery of Images
Madonna and Child
Birth of Venus
Lady in Yellow

Nicholas McCumber
Tryptich 1
Hallway 2
Leaf 11
Suart 3

Randy Morris
Cahaba River Lillies
Gates of Hell
Lonely Planetessimal

Sibel Sancar
Fractal Tunnel

Rick Simpson

Jay Wilson
Tick Tock

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