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Rob Hassan
Android Ecstasy
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Rob Hassan operates Hassan Productions, a commercial graphics studio, north of Chicago. In tribute to his myriad graphic skills, he likes to use the handle "GraphixRob." He says, "For all practical purposes I am a self taught artist. I have attended many traditional drawing and painting classes over the years with the pinnacle being at the School of Visual Arts (NYC). But I have found that 'independent study' is by far the most beneficial for me...and that keeping on top of the latest art, artists and techniques via the internet is the best way to stay creative." The ten images shown here are mostly produced with 3D rendering software. Hassan's art is in the mainstream of conventionally-drawn other-wordly landscapes and scenes, but in the best of his work he eschews cliche for the fresh insight of fantastic art. He adds, "In my humble opinion I really feel that we are just in the beginning stages of a digital renaissance."

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