On the Surreal Side
Robert W. McGregor
Winter Solstice
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Robert W. McGregor was born in St. Petersburg, Florida, in 1963 and is primarily a self-taught visual artist. An accomplished writer, musician, and software engineer fluent in several computer programming languages, McGregor has been creating digitally-originated images using the freeware program POV-Ray for over fourteen years.

The early 1990s found McGregor writing 3D modeling and rendering software as a hobby. This led to him writing about the complexities and nuances of ray-traced animation as a contributing author in the book "PC Graphics Unleashed" for Macmillan Computer Publishing. During the next several years he was a contributing author to a number of manuscripts including end-user computer books like "Using Windows 95" and "Using Windows 98" as well as more technical software development books like "Web Programming Unleashed." In the late 1990s he also wrote three C++ computer programming books for Sams Publishing and Que Publishing including the highly acclaimed "Practical C++".

Early images of 3D fractals inspired him to begin dabbling with computer graphics, and he's been hooked ever since. McGregor has been exhibiting his current body of work since 2004 and in that time has received more than 20 visual arts awards.

He currently resides in Rockledge, Florida, where in his spare time he enjoys fine woodworking, playing guitar, writing and recording music with his hard rock band, and relentlessly playing World of Warcraft.

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