Photo-based and photo-manipulated art

Photo-based and photo-manipulated art are the most prevalent and popular of the digital arts, as the number of exhibits included here suggest. The potential for great art in this format is so fraught with possibility that each artist has often been able to do his own thing, go his own way, wreak his own style, as if photoart were its own muse. An extraordinary bounty of digital art has flourished in this venue, and we are glad to say that MOCA has been in the forefront of bringing these artists to public notice. The exhibits on this page include art gathered at MOCA over the course of several years. Titles shown are those from the original exhibits.

Artists listed in alphabetical order.

New Forms
Philippe Abril

Processed photography
Colin Aiken

Digital camera-based
Kruglov Alexander

Photographic art
H. Gay Allen

Claudio Allia

Fine art photography
Jeff T. Alu


Digital photography
Jale Arditti

Humanized photography
Giovanni Auriemma

Apocryphal art
Teodoru Badiu

Arts Contamination
Alessandro Bavari

Genesis Calendar
Chris Bennett

Dark Photography
Marko Beslac

Transmuted photography
Thomas Bijon

Enhanced photography
Steve Bingham

Dark Art
Mike Bohatch

Nathan Brusovani

Street Scenes
Carol Caputo

Digital Collage
Brut Carniollus

Eye and mind
Charles H. Carver

Photo manipulation
Peter Casolino

Elements of typography  
Christel Dall

Photo collage/manipulation
George Daou

Surrealism: Erotic
Francesco D'Isa

Memories and solitude
Ricardo BŠez Duarte

Edited photos & digital portraits
Don Ernesto

Photographic/Painted Art
Pavel Gospodinov

Art and Emotion
Anne-Marie Grenacher

Chtulhu people
Gulnur Guvenc

Homo Ludens
Eva Gyorffy

Assembled photography
Peter L. Hammond

Private arts
Gregor Hartmann

Mamta B. Herland

Mixing Photographic Elements
Werner Hornung

Out of Mind
Werner Hornung

Digital fine art
Werner Hornung

The Painting of Light

Photographic digital
Shannon Hourigan

Post Post-Modernist
Neil Howe

Moments of Eternity
Immo Jalass

Photo Sculpture
Ellen Jantzen

Photographing Girls
Albert Juergens

Digital Photo-based Media
Sherry Karver

Spring at my home
Elvira Ladocki

Photo manipulation
Tom Ledin

Digital photography
Roger Leege

Exotic and erotic
Jehan Legac

Gun Legler

Fifteen images
Karl-Ludwig Leiter

Photo collage
Susan Lukas

Digital Photography
Michael Mardus

Digital Photography
Michael Mardus

Montage & Manipulation
Mona Mauri

Photo manipulation
Dan McCormack

Art via Photoshop
Stefano Menicagli

Photography/Digital Art
Gregoire A. Meyer

Helen Moravsky

Inner Beauty Revealed
Raymond Payette

Streets Transformed
Mario Peletti

Female Secrets
Claire Nolen

Photography & Mixed Media
Andreina Polo

Photo manipulation
Andrew Polushkin

Bogdan Prystrom

Photo composition
Dominic Rouse

Cocoa Splash
Fred Rowley

Amazon Scenes
Vermac Santos

People, Places and Things
Mary Sargent

Forms and Colors
Helga Schmitt

Manipulated photography
Maxim Shoshief

Dennis Sibeijn

Studies in Arts & Sciences
Lily E. Smernou

Documentary Photo Paintings
Karl F. Stewart

Conceptual imagery
Simon Subrosa

Photographic art


Pixel Painting
Laurentiu Todiť

Abstractions and scans
Diane Vetere

David Vineïs

Photo Digital Art

Digital Fine Artworks
Lyndsey Warren

Only Dreaming
D. Weathersby

Oliver Wetter

Eyejam art
David Works

Photographic art
Bogdan Zwir

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