Oyonale: 3D
Gilles Tran
A Few Things I Left Behind
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Gilles Tran is a Paris-based 3D artist. He works as an agricultural engineer but 3D art has been his hobby since 1993. Hobby or not, he is a deliberate, patient, accomplished and productive artist working originally in the freeware program POV-Ray and now sometimes in Cinema 4D and other modelling and rendering programs. He is famous for the art that he draws.

There are 21 images in this exhibit, more or less in random order, most drawn within the last few years. Some feature the fabulous photo-realistic capabilities of rendered art and indeed some few may look like photographs. Others are clearly surrealistic in concept, suggesting the comfort level between the artist and the strange and untoward, and some have a dramatic intensity (the play of light, darkness, shadow and reflection) that is so much a feature of rendered art. What is often startling is the appearance in the nude of the human female figure (drawn in Poser) amid mechanical detail. Humor may abound. Tran's patience and deliberateness (and hard work) have paid off in remarkable art.

Gilles Tran's website, housing his images, is called Oyonale, which "doesn't mean anything, at least in languages I know."

Gilles Tran's Oyonale website