Mixed Technique

Most computer artists use multiple programs and techniques to achieve their aims. This category celebrates digital art that does not seem to fall comfortably into such conventional categories as 3D, algorithmic, computer-drawn, photo-based, surrealist or other, but may generally be created by the use of two or more (sometimes many more) different programs, techniques or processes, or perhaps are created by or through other resources including self-programming.

This category is a compilation of such art.

Artists listed in alphabetical order.

Benedikt Amrhein
Processed Photos & Fractals


Maria Julia Bastias
Abstract Digital Art

Orna Ben-Shoshan
Channelled Art

Andrea Bonaventura
Digital Art Portraits

Howard Brink
Metaphysical Theory in Collage

Hudson Calasans
Illustration art

Tom R. Chambers

Park Chunshin
Digital and Korean Aesthetics

Andrew Cole
Art and Chess

Carol Cooper

Laura Culver
Cartoon Art
art as political, social
and personal commentary

Björn Dämpfling
Creative Creatures

Bryant Davis
Homoceptual Blending

Wil Dawson
Vector Art

Carmen Dell'Aversano
Shadows of the World

Sara Deutsch

Angelo Di Cicco
Nine works

Lisle Drake

Michael Frank
Mental Landscape

Jack Galmitz
Geometric Abstraction and Color Contrast

Giuseppe Genna
States of Mind

Oliver Gili
Scanned acrylics

Ileana Frómeta Grillo
Digital collage

Raya Grinberg
Fantasy and Imagination

Linka Griswold
Realism, Anime, Expressionism

Hans Dieter Grossmann
Digital paintings

Genece Hamby
Sacred Places

John Helgeson

Khang-Loon Ho
Art via the Microscope

Christopher John Hobby

Bev Hodson
Digital sketches

Larry Hopewell
The Rachel Boxes

John Hughson
Art as Discovery

Immo Jalass
Imaginary Landscapes

JD Jarvis
Thematic Art / Mixed Technique

Lawrence Kasparowitz
Lost and Found

Takashi Katayama
Art via Photoshop

Gerhard Katterbauer
People and Places

Erika Kiechle-Klemt
Mixed Media
Mixed Media
Flora et Varia

Alan King
Surrealism and Mixed Media

Christian Kokai-Kun
Where Robots Were

Jan Kölling
The Newborn Object

Eric W. Kuns
States of Mind

Jawek Kwakman
3D: Radical Romantic

Glanfyll Lewis
Diversity of Form

Myriam Lozada-Jarvis
Drawn and painted art

John Macpherson
Fractals and Photographs

Rocha Maia (filho)
Digital Collage

Ciro Marchetti
Astronomical portraits and exotic machines

Sebastian Marquez
Painting with pixels

An art of high spirits

Robert W. McGregor
On the Surreal Side

Tom McKeith

Peter Mc Lane
Digital paintings

Pavel Melnichuk
Digital Brush Painting

Martin Mendelsberg
Holocaust Portfolio

Romesh Mistry
Cyber Tools and Effects

JP Paul

24 Days in the Life of an Icon

Afanassy Pud
Computer graphics

Javier Hernandez Ramos

Vladimir Rankovic
Reproductions of Nonexistent Paintings

Mavi Roberto
Digital paintings

Kees Roobol
Realism: Country Scenes

Sibel Sancar
Mixed Technique

Jeffrey Z Rothstein
Gorilla Art: Sugggestive Landscapes

Ron Sangha

Marcos Schmidt

Helga Schmitt
Creative Dreaming

Julia Scorupsky
Mixed technique

Rod Seeley
Mixed technique

Amichai Shavit
Geometric Abstracts

Steve Sherrell

Siff Skovenborg
Abstract and expressionistic

Drawing with light

Barbara B. Stelluti
Digital abstractions

Alexander Sutulov
Equestrian and La Ola series

Robert J. Tiess
Art of Interpretation

Takayoshi Ueda
Mixed media analog-digital art

Alain Valet
Lyric Abstraction

Thomas Vilot
The fusion of art and technology

Eric Wayne
New Work 2014

Rod Whyte
Mixed media

Catherine Yakovina
Russian artist, an overview

Lisa Yount
Spiritual and Magical

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